Sky Customer Experience So Far


The Sky installation installers turned up unannounced on saturday morning , no telephone call or letter from the Sky.

The installers had not been briefed on what they needed , to fix and did not have the tools or materials (bath stone )in organised for this job.

We  decided that they would return this week coming, and might be able to make the repairs on monday.

Just  after the Sky Installation left , I tried to phone the Sky installation outsourced company First Line Digital to confirm a date and time.  When I contacted First Line Digital, the call centre said they had no records for me and ” have done no work on this property for the last ten years”. He recommended that I phone Sky to sort this issue out .

I phoned Sky who then put me on hold after five minutes they came back to me and said I phoned the wrong First Line Digital  call centre number (the number I phoned was the number  First Line Digital installation team gave me?)

I was told that First Line Digital Would be in contact , a manager did phone me, not to resolve my issue, but to find out which call centre agent said they had no record of work/damage done to my property .

The First Line Digital manager did say a customer services agent would call me to schedule a date and time on saturday.

I have not received a call from First Line Digital customer services department on Saturday , I spent forty-five minutes on the phone talking to a Sky Customer services agent and First line Digital  manager trying to organise a time and date , the result is no date and time organised  for sky to come out and fix the damaged bath stone. How very painful.

It would be great if the Sky  installation dept could work out a process where Sky and First Line Digital actually knew what the other company was doing, when they are working with  Sky customers.  Pretty shocking Sky “customer experience” so far.


About skyinstallations

One Unhappy Sky Customer , who wants Sky to fix the damage they have caused.
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