Sky Installations team customer experience

I left messages with the Sky installation company , on the first telephone call I was told somebody would phone me on the 23 September. No phone call on that day.

I phoned sky again on the 28th of October and was promised that a customer service agent would phone me back on the 28th of October , never received a call.

I spoke to Shirley on the 10th of November, and arranged that a manager would come out and look at the damage. The manager does have the report from the first site visit, so I am struggling to understand, why they need to look at the damage twice.

Andy the manager was scheduled to look at the hole on Saturday the 13.11.2010 around mid morning , Andy would phone to confirm the time on the day. I waited for Andy and decided that at 2PM Andy was missing in action and setting up appointment and attending at the scheduled time was not a priority.

I found this missed appointment quite frustrating as I wasted my Saturday morning waiting for Andy “the phantom ” manager .

Has anybody else had a bad experiences with Sky damaging their property and not bothering to rectify the damage.



About skyinstallations

One Unhappy Sky Customer , who wants Sky to fix the damage they have caused.
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